We Work Hard To Improve Student Achievement

We have found that the beliefs and attitudes held by students when they begin school have a strong influence on their achievement over these critical years. First, believing that their ability could be increased, they value learning as a goal, even when it involves hard work or initial errors.  They also believe in the efficacy of effort—that is, they viewed effort in a positive way and felt that they had the ability, through their own efforts, to learn and master new material up to standard.

We only have specialist-qualified tutors for each subject area and NOT a tutor who has good knowledge of most subjects. Specialist tutors have better knowledge of topics being taught and approach school tutors have taken so ILC tutors maintain that continuity.

We tailor programs to every individual’s needs- we are not restricted by following the curriculum for a particular year group – the program we set, takes the child from the point they are at and we build on from this at a pace appropriate for each student.

We do this by consistent assessment which we have developed over a number years. Pupil progression is paramount and ensures that school grades and test results are improving. If there is a concept that a student is not grasping then there may be a need to hold one-to-one lessons up until we are happy that pupil is in a position to continue in class.

Our class sizes are no more than 10 pupils per session ensuring that every pupil receives individual attention. As qualified tutors we are used to as many as 35 pupils in a class. We always ask the student being their lesson if there is a particular topic they would like to cover in preparation for the next lesson.

Pupils usually have a topic in mind, which tutors take into account and prepare. However, sometimes a student may come with a concept that has not been understood in school, we will see this as a priority and deal with that topic before we continue with that pupils prepared lesson.

It is important that every pupil attends on a regular basis to maintain momentum of study. Having gaps in attendance would mean inconsistent learning would result in goals not being achieved.

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