Offering Successful Orientation For Each Student

We work hard to improve student outcomes. Creating a clear path of what a student needs to achieve their grade aspirations. This in turn creates a target and a goal in which helps maintain motivation and exceed what was expected of their final grade.

Orientation for success familiarizes students of their academic scheme of work for the remaining time at their academic establishment. Advising each pupil of their goals whether it be requirements and life at a grammar school or secondary state school, advise on goals in what they want to achieve in their upcoming GCSE or A level examinations and their choice of universities.

Orientation helps students plan for their academic goals, complete their syllabuses in time and fill gaps where school may have insufficient time to cover the whole syllabus. Finally, plan a revision timetable in preparation for exams. This is especially crucial for GCSE’s and A level and prepares the student to start on the right path.

As qualified teachers working in mainstream education, this is what we implement in our classrooms from the outset and students achieving grades beyond what was predicted from their assessment.

We believe this is a crucial tool that we have created at ILC Professional Tuition and students year on year are achieving grades beyond what was predicted at their educational establishment.

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