Preparing Students For A Successful Future

As educators we have an obligation to all our pupils to implement competences in moving forward, whether it being secondary school, college, university or even work.

During lessons our teaching methods indirectly implement five core skills that are invaluable to our students, particularly GCSE and A level students. These skills include

  1. Encouraging teamwork
    Being able to work, as a team is essential for future life skills. Working on assignments or projects together helps develop skills such as compromising, equal input and effort by all participants and finally achieving completed reports or assignments within time scale and the desired grade.

  2. Be future focused
    Life begins after graduation for students; they put their knowledge into practice by planning for their future and manage their own finances. Students need to understand the importance of the knowledge they are gaining and they are on their way to achieving their aspirations in whatever path they choose. With this in mind our teaching involves real life scenarios to coincide with the theory hence understanding the relevance of the topic being taught. Education is a stepping-stone to their life goals.

  3. Teach Complex Thinking Skills
    Achieving the desired result can be daunting but we give pupils confidence by reinforcement by giving students context for decision-making and solving problems. This is how pupils develop innovation, creativity and the ability to look at a task and not just look at an outcome. But also think of different ways to achieve it.

  4. Preparing For College or Universities By Choosing the Right Options
    It is critical when choosing options that pupils have an idea of their career path. This does not have to be set in stone as the final results of GCSE’s can determine a different path altogether. Once grades are achieved choosing the right A levels for your desired course at university is also of importance.

    It would be an idea to research what the requirements are for the students desired course at university and can then choose the A levels required. It is also important that when choosing A level subjects students have achieved at least an A or A* in their GCSE’s for that subject they are going to study at A level. Often from our experience most pupils find topics difficult to grasp if they have less than the above grades at GCSE’s.

  5. Well Rounded Curriculum
    There is no magic solution to a well-rounded education, but however, we do our best in the subjects offered to us. In our opinion schools work hard to try and give the best to every child and fulfill as many aspirations as possible but not sometimes achieved because of different class dynamics. That is why we, as a tuition service provider want and have a passion to help students achieve this and fill the gap.

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