Students are instrumental in setting their learning programmes with their tutor by discussing areas they find difficult, sometimes bringing work from school that they need help with. ILC tutors are able to revise difficult concepts as often necessary to ensure that a student understands, as it is vital that a student does not have gaps in their knowledge, something that often happens if a student doesn’t ask for an area to be repeated at school.

The service has a strong focus on teaching and learning, and staff seeks to change learners’ perceptions of themselves as learners into more positive ones. The service employs experienced teaching staff that is flexible, and can adapt their teaching styles to meet the needs of its students.

Our environment of where we hold our tuition sessions are also of paramount importance, where pupils enjoy coming to a pleasant surrounding which helps motivate students in their studies. Resources are available to them including IT facilities that they have access to research, we have many books and past exam papers.

ILC Professional Tuition has taken steps to provide excellent customer service to ALL our pupils.

We are based at the heart of Walsall and Solihull and run classes after school and weekends. Our rates are £10p/h for GCSE’s, SATS & 11+ and £15p/h for A levels. Please call for more information or to book for an initial assessment.

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